3 Ways to Make Yourself Memorable as a Small Business Owner

If you are a small business owner or franchisee, one of the keys to success is being memorable. How can you make yourself more memorable? Take a look at these three tips.

Network, network, network. There is no getting around it: Most successful entrepreneurs are master networkers. And no, they aren’t just good at meeting people. Basically, they know how to leverage relationships. “Networking and relationship building has been a way of life for me,” explained Billy Dec, CEO and founder of restaurant and entertainment development company Rockit Ranch Productions. “I never look at new or potential contacts for ‘immediate gratification’ nor do I try to fit them into a specific category. Rather, I spend time cultivating a relationship, knowing that if the time is right down the line they may be an important building block for my success or vice versa.”

Understand the value of authentic communication. People are much more apt to remember authentic conversations. That means you shouldn’t just look at contacts and evaluate what they can offer you. You need to think about what you can offer them. “Suggest a get-together to help them out with something they need, invite them to an event you think they’d be interested in attending,” Dec said. “In general, always be of value to others. Don’t think about what you can take.” Don’t just collect a business card. Take a notation about the when, why, and where you met. Follow up with the contact personally. If you take the time to genuinely remember someone, he or she is more apt to take the time to genuinely remember you.

Learn how to be a connector. Once you have mastered the art of networking, it’s time to learn how to connect. Connectors are good at putting their contacts in contact with one another. Helping to connect other people because it will benefit them, even though it won’t necessarily benefit you, is the key to being memorable. “If I was putting on a fashion show I would draw together contacts I’d met spanning different areas including designers, salons, models, liquor companies, and more,” Dec said. “This exposed everyone to new potential partners and consumers and ultimately allowed them to tap into my resources, so everyone benefited.”



Article by Jason Duncan, CEO/Founder of ManagerComplete.com. ManagerComplete is an online software application that helps multi-unit franchises manage operations effectively. Follow him onTwitter for latest updates.