Employee Management

Increase accountability, competency, and training all in one step.

Manage shifts, memos, staff updates, and more from a centralized location.

Deliver consistent information across every location.

Lower your stress! Get started today.

Employee Accountability

Deliver consistent communication across all locations. Communicate policies, promotions, and new information instantly across all locations and receive documented confirmation of its effective distribution and receipt.

HR and Training

Limit your liability. Post jobs, Manage job applications, Track overtime, and document all employee issues. ManagerComplete™ also delivers training modules to employees so they can get the information they need.

Fill shifts

Put an end to scheduling stress. Employees can request time off and switch shifts online through their mobile devices which transfers the responsibility of staffing each shift to them instead of you.

Promote healthy competition.

Use the power of our social portal to achieve your KPIs. Give staff the visibility to see how they measure up and watch them compete to win on inspection scores, customer service rankings or profitability.

Equipment Management

Increase productivity, profitability and efficiency with ease.

Maintain records of equipment purchases, upkeep, inspections and repair costs.

See how easy managing equipment can be

Manage Records

Maintain records of equipment purchases, upkeep, inspections and repair costs. You can also flag equipment that’s aging and get it in top shape before the warranty expires.

Manage Assets

Never lose track of equipment items, warranty info, or receipts ever again. Keep track of equipment, parts and much more in one centralized location.

Manage Repairs

Use repair tickets along with email and test alerts to keep repairs organized and on track. Check on status 24/7 and collaborate with repair personnel and vendors with ease.

Customer Experience Management

Take control of your customer experience. Reduce your risk.

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Manage Expectations

Document and share your expectations for customer satisfaction criteria across all locations.

Create Accountability

Keep records of inspections and outcomes accessible in the palm of your hand, visible all the time.

Stay Connected

Maintain transparency across stores so you’re in control without having to physically be everywhere yourself.

Customized for you!

Each of our clients has unique aspects about their business that they prefer to incorporate into their Manager Complete software. Since we want our software to work the way you do, we offer full customization packages.


  • POS integration
  • “Cube” data view
  • Special reporting
  • Custom forms
  • Merge reports
  • Video surveillance integration