ManagerComplete is solely focused on multi-unit operations for franchise and retail businesses. As the Operation’s Director for a large national chain, Jason Duncan CEO of ManagerComplete, experienced first-hand the difficulty in managing multiple locations across metro areas as well as the US.


There was simply no franchise operations software solution available for managing the company’s operations and communications. The common tools for operations management both then and now are phone, fax, email and sometimes Excel. But these tools are just too inefficient for effective multiple store operations management.


So in 2006, Jason Duncan teamed up with talented developers to create ManagerComplete, a simple and yet powerful franchise operations software system for managing operations across multiple locations.


“Our success comes from having actually been down in the same trenches as our clients. When you have experienced their pain first hand and can speak their language, it makes it much easier to develop a product that fits their needs exactly,” Jason said.


The company headquarters are located in downtown Austin, TX. Jason Duncan is also the Founder and Director of the Houston Franchise Assocation which brings franchise professionals together quarterly to exchange ideas and best practices in franchising.


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